Lotus partners with Unboxy

Lotus is proud to partner with Unboxy, an initiative for students and educators to make the transition back to school as smooth as possible.

Unboxy is an informed, in-classroom construction project intended to aid both students and educators in returning to traditional classroom environments, as well as providing a sense of respite and wellbeing in uncertain times. It is a rich STEAM-centric activity that engages students’ cognitive and emotional skills simultaneously.

Unboxy is cardboard architecture, providing a low cost, high impact, textural medium that may inspire students and educators to experiment with shapes, forms and processes that can be integrated into day-to-day learning. It is designed to complement, not disrupt, the daily flow of a classroom. Unboxy is a kit of parts – large cardboard shapes and connectors allows students to create the geometric forms of their choosing. Students are encouraged to experiment, imagine, and push the basic shapes of Unboxy to its limits. By providing students agency in developing the teaching and learning environments around them, a sense of collaboration and wellbeing is fostered within the classroom community.

Using simple cardboard shapes and connectors, Unboxy provides students with the opportunity to create a space truly reflective of them and their needs. Through collaborating and problem solving, students can create a shelter, quiet learning zone, gathering space, activity area – it provides endless opportunities for students’ creativity and expression. The project acts as a blank canvas, reflective of current classroom activities and topics. Unboxy is a responsive, adaptive classroom intervention that empowers students to take ownership over their education and wellbeing.

  • AUTHOR Lotus Doors
  • DATE 11 August 2020
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