100 Series Operable Wall
100 Series

Lotus Operable Walls are built for a wide range of environments, from small meeting rooms to large convention centres. The 100 Series Operable Wall is designed for applications where ceiling heights are beyond 3m and acoustic requirements are moderate to high.

A Revit Content Library for the 100 Series Operable Wall is now available to enable designers to specify this product within the Revit environment easily and efficiently.

New Electronic Capabilities

We have recently introduced some exciting electronic innovations within our range. These include electric retractable seals to the top and bottom of our Operable Walls as well as electric expanding closure panels. Both of these innovations can be activated at the push of a button, which minimises manual handling and therefore decreases the risk of injury. These features also consume a low level of power and generate little noise.

These new innovations to our Operable Wall range take the ease, functionality and user experience Lotus are known for to a whole new level.

Product Summary Product Options

Designed to suit mid to high end Operable Wall installation requirements.

  • 100mm thick panels
  • Rw 41 – 53
  • Up to 12,000mm in height

AS/NZS ISO 717.1-2004 certified.

You can customise your Lotus operable wall by considering:

  1. The panel edge detail
  2. Stacking configurations
  3. Closure type
  4. Seal combinations
  5. Finishes
  6. Accessories
  7. Electronic Operation

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