Ballina Coast High School

With flexible learning spaces at the heart of the overall school design, the focus was to create leading-edge spaces where students can learn in the best surrounding environment - void of any distractions. This led to the need of classrooms to be acoustically sound to allow no outside noise to enter that would affect the learning and teaching process. As much as flexible learning is important, it is equally important for modern versatile teaching spaces. Adaptable, dynamic spaces where the teacher can move walls in order to create the best possible teaching and learning areas for their student, a new contemporary approach to school designs.

In January 2019, the construction of New South Wale’s (NSW) latest $50 million ‘super school’ was complete, combining the former Ballina High and Southern Cross School into the brand-new Ballina Coast High School. So, what exactly does a ‘super school’ involve? The Minister for Education Rob Stokes described the new facility as one that is “built to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow,” featuring state of the art technology and innovative classroom layouts at the core of its design.

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