Energy and Water Ombudsman

Drawing on the concept ‘a tranquil river walk in the Australian landscape’ WMK Architects were asked to create a soothing workplace environment with the key focus of the mental wellbeing of Energy and Water Ombudsman employees.

The new office as a sanctuary design came to life with the use of earthy tones to evoke feelings of calm and warmth and relied on equal parts function and beauty to encourage seamless collaboration and communication. The Australian landscape vision is really brought to life with the use of a rich shade of burnt clay in the conference room, meeting rooms  and sitting area where staff are encouraged to pause on the lounge chairs and relax in the sunset tones of peach and grey.

The beautifully designed conference room features Lotus’ frameless Glas-Stax internal glass moving wall, which offers a bespoke architectural feature and provides both literal and metaphorical openness. The elegant simplicity of this product delivers uninterrupted views and a truly sophisticated style, with a “Manor Red Satin” powdercoat on the rails to ensure consistency in the landscape design.

The flexible design and aesthetically beautiful native influence of the Energy and Water Ombudsmen headquarters really evoke the importance of workplace wellness through design, to create spaces featuring an organisations purpose and allowing their employees to thrive.

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