Fern Bay Public School – The ‘Pavilion’ Model

The Fern Bay Public School is located near Newcastle and piloted the upgrade using the pavilion model of providing high quality schools to be delivered in months instead of years – saving time, construction costs and minimising disruption.

The new pavilion learning hub was constructed using kit of parts methodology, which used engineered mass timber to rapidly deliver the permanent learning spaces. The upgrade included four home bases, a practical collaborative learning space, a quiet room, amphitheatre, and a new covered outdoor area for the growing school community.

Lotus Doors was pleased to work with School Infrastructure NSW to provide acoustic glazed sliding doors for the new timber learning hub at Fern Bay Public School.

The flexible and safe element of our acoustic glazed sliders were used throughout the hub to create 4 individual classrooms or the space can also be opened up to create a large group collaboration zone for learning and to host events. The Sliders allow for natural light and visual connectivity between spaces and optimal acoustic performance, preventing noise from interrupting nearby learning spaces. Lotus sliders are easy to use, DDA compliant and support a flexible and student led teaching style.

Fern Bay Public School’s new pavilion hub exemplifies what it is to be an adaptable learning environment and is the first of its kind for educational infrastructure in Australia.

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