Springfield Anglican College, Rosewood Resource Centre

With adaptability at the core of the design, the products Lotus recommended for the space needed to allow for a high level of flexibility, with minimal sound transfer between spaces.

Today’s institutions aim to provide environments that inspire, stimulate, and motivate the individual and cater to the unique needs of students. After reviewing Springfield Anglican College’s brief to design a multi-functional facility allowing students to learn and perform in a variety of ways, we knew our products were the right choice to help this vision come to life. Lotus make it our business to create spaces where people thrive, and this is never more important than when designing environments for the next generation to learn.

“A stimulating, comfortable and relaxing place… designed with many functions in mind, all of which are for the benefit of our students. A key feature (is) flexibility… (and the Centre) provides students with exactly the resources and facilities that they need to maximise their potential in the aspects of the Learner Framework – a Framework which has been designed around the research that conclusively demonstrates that future employers are seeking individuals who can collaborate, communicate and problem solve. ”
– Darren Pitt, Principal of Springfield Anglican College.

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