Tower Insurance – Modern Agile Workspaces

Architect Stack Interiors and Builder Cape and Stack were appointed to bring the new Tower Insurance office to life with the use of Lotus products helping to achieve the vision. The design brief was focused on the company’s progressive and innovative culture and approach to market, with a goal to create a modern and considered space.

The stylish workplace solution for Tower Insurance incorporated Lotus’ 100 Series Opera acoustic glazed operable walls in a remote stacking configuration. By including glass panelling within their design, the space maximises views to the outside from almost every vantage point within the office, creating a sense of space and illumination throughout the office floor.

From a functional standpoint Lotus Opera glazed panels bring quick and easy flexibility to the space, by opening and stacking away to create one large space, or closing the panels to allow for a range of smaller meeting spaces.

This adaptable solution works synergistically with the other design and interior elements to create a dynamic and on brand environment for Tower Insurance employees and customers.

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