Victoria Police – Tactical Training Grid

Lotus are delighted to have been involved in this innovative and exciting project.

Once again Lotus have come up with the goods, cleverly designing a system that allows the creation of a flexible tactical training grid to be used by Vic Pol.  The grid is used to create immersive, layout scenarios for police tactical training and the key element is that the layouts can be varied infinitely.  The benefit being that each time it’s used it’s different which is far more representative of real world conditions than a static layout.The 2 grids are bisected by an Operable Wall that, in conjunction with the blind & lighting system, allows half of the grid to be in total darkness and the other in total light.  Each grid has a combination of panels that are plain, with solid doors, and with glass doors.  Each panel type can be used in combination to create different scenarios.  Even though these are not ‘crash and bash’ panels they need some stability which is provided by high clamping strength bottom seals that contact the floor.

The elevated walkways allow instructors to watch from a bird’s eye view and provide feedback on exercises and also facilitate the process of set up each layout.  To add to the immersive environment the panel faces can be clad with images that faithfully re-create real life scenarios.

We love the idea, the product, how well the installation process was managed, but most of all the end result.

We’d like to thank all stakeholders for their support and their belief in our ability to deliver on the clients’ needs.

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